Corel Draw Templates

Card (Corel Draw)

Corel Draw template for a grain size card.

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Igneous and Metamorphic Grain Size Chart

Corel Draw template for an igneous grain size table.

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Paleontology Map Symbol Chart (JPEG)

Chart of Paleontology Symbols for Core Descriptions/Maps. From USGS of99-430.

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Pattern Library

USGS Geologic map patterns. Vector based geology patterns in pdf.


Rock Color Identification Chart (JPEG)

Color chart.

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Sedimentary Roundness Chart (JPEG)

Grain Roundness Chart in JPEG (*.jpg) format.

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Sedimentary Grain Size Chart (Corel Draw)

Corel Draw template for a sedimentary grain size table.

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Sedimentary Structures (Corel Draw)

A collection of sedimentary structure symbols for stratigraphic logs.

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Sedimentary Symbol Chart

Chart of Sedimentary Symbols for Core Descriptions.

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Stratlog (Corel Draw)

This is a stratigraphic log template for Corel Draw.


Symbol Library

USGS Geologic map symbols in pdf.

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Volume Estimation Chart (Corel Draw)

Corel Draw template for volume estimation of mineralogy.

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