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    These databases are part of the Geolbases Collection, available for purchase on CDROM. The online versions are free to use. They have a simpler search interface and generally fewer features/information/data than the Full Versions. All fields can be searched individually or in combination. Click on Search Box Menu to select.

  • Mineral Database (Online)

    All minerals with mineral name, chemical formula and crystal system.

  • Rock Forming Minerals Database (Online)

    The rock forming minerals with mineral name, chemical formula and crystal system and all physical properties.

  • Economic Minerals Database (Online)

    Economic minerals (ore minerals) with commodity, uses, mineral name, chemical formula and all physical properties.

  • Petrographic Database (Online)

    A petrographic database containing all rock types with rock name, family, texture, structure and occurrence.

  • XRD Minerals Database (Online)

    Powder Diffraction Database with the strongest three d-spacings and intensities for all minerals.