XRF Sample Analysis




Ore minerals,  test for economic minerals.

Gold purity testing for gold items by XRF. Gold jewellery, grains, nuggets and bar can be assayed for compositions from 1% to 99.99%. A report is provided, giving elemental composition in percent, for example:
Au: 97.82%
Ag: 1.14%
Cu: 1.04%
Certificate provided for precious metals
I will also report the Karat purity; for example, 9K, 14K, 18K, 24K
Metal analysis, all kinds of metals.
Mineral and ore testing, all kinds of minerals and ores for elements from K to U on the periodic table. Light elements. such as lithium and fluorine, are qualitatively analysed using LIBS. For minerals, a 2mm grain or larger is sufficient.  XRF is quantitative or semi-quantitative, depending on the type of sample. Detection limits vary considerably, depending on the sample, from 0.001% to 1%. This price is for a basic report showing element percentage. A XRF spectral plot showing peaks and a sample photo can be provided for $10 extra.
Meteorite testing, positive identification of meteorite with certificate.
Many other materials and elements


    • XRF analysis of sample/item. Includes report and semi- or quantitative analysis.
    • Minimum size 2mm grain. If your sample is a large gold or metal sample, all we need are some drill shavings, obtained with 3/16 inch drill.
    • Items can be dropped off at my home, sent by tracked mail or courier. Drop off in Leopold, 3224. Please include return postage if sending by mail.

Price: AU$20.00 per sample