How do I Order?

We are changing our licensing and distribution procedure. All software will be available by download with activation by license key. To purchase a license key, go to our Pricing/Ordering page. We use Paypal web payments system. Allow 24 hours for processing of orders. Credit Cards are also accepted on Paypal. You do not need to be a member to use your credit card. You also need to email us your full name and registration number shown on the splash screen of the program. We will send you the unique license key for your copy of software. Single License is for one user. Site License is for 10 users. All apps can be customized at additional cost.

Which Operating Systems are Supported?

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are supported.

Is 64 bit Supported?

The software are all 32-bit apps and will run under wow 64 on 64 bit Windows. New versions are targeted for both 32 and 64 bit CPUs (Any CPU).

Why do I get a warning when I try to download a program?

Certain browsers and anti-virus programs from the large corporations have started issuing warnings when programs are downloaded. Our programs are 100% safe and these warnings should be ignored for our programs.

When I Install on Windows 7 I get an Unidentified Program wants to Access your Computer Message.

This is normal Windows behavior when User Access Control is enabled. Click Allow to allow setup to proceed.

Setup/Uninstall Error?

Setup should be run on a clean system without any other apps running. If an error is encountered, the best procedure is to restart Windows and install on a clean system.

Error Message: Net Framework is Required

New versions of our software (Winrock, Geolbases and Xplotter) require Net Framework 4.x or higher. Download here or direct from Microsoft

Error Message: Acedb Data Provider is Required

New versions of our software (Geolbases) require Access 2010 Database Engine Runtime. Download direct from Microsoft here.

Can I Edit the Rock and Mineral Databases Supplied with Geolbases?

Yes, of course, just email us for the database password. You will need Access 2010 or higher to edit the databases. Add your own minerals and create your own custom database with your own mineral photos. We recommend creating backups of your databases by periodically copying and renaming them.

The Comma Decimal (European) Format Does Not Work

Currently, only the period as the decimal separator is supported. Set your system numeric decimal format to a period.

Cannot Open Excel Files

Excel needs to be installed on your system in order to open Excel files.

Some citation examples are here:

Kanen, R.A., “Virtual Geology WWW Library”. Minserv (Mineral Services), https://www.geologynet.com/geologylinks.htm (accessed Aug 2, 2009)
Kanen, R.A., “XRD Mineral Database”. Minserv (Mineral Services), https://www.geologynet.com/dbases.htm (accessed Aug 2, 2009)
Kanen, R.A., “Winrock”, version 2014, Minserv (Mineral Services) (accessed Aug 2, 2014)

Plotting Error When I try to Plot Data

This error can happen for a variety of reasons. The usual source of this error is incorrectly formatted data. Blank rows and mixed numeric/non numeric data can produce errors. Also incorrectly assigned columns. Use Define Columns to specify colums containing data. Check the required data format for the particular program. To reset default settings, go to the Options Menu and select Restore Settings.

The Plot Window is Hidden
If any of the Windows are hidden, use Alt and Tab keys to switch between Windows.

The Document will not Print
The most likely cause is incorrect paper size. Select A4 paper size in the printer dialog box to print your document.

Which Paper Sizes are Supported?
This depends on your printer and driver. Practically all printers support A4/Letter paper sizes, so if you keep to these sizes you should not have any printing problems. Our software will also print A5, A3, A2, A1, C Sheet, D Sheet and Custom sizes, if these are supported by your printer driver. However, there is no guarantee they will be compatible with all printers.

Why Don’t the Diagrams Display Equal X and Y Axes When a Scale of 1:1 is Selected
This problem usually occurs when the display resolution is set incorrectly. Adjust the display resolution to the correct settings.

Can Diagrams be Exported into Other Applications?
The easiest way to export a diagram is to save it as a bitmap. For high quality, we recommend using a pdf or bitmap printer driver, available from third party suppliers on the internet. A pdf printer driver is included with the applications. This driver was found to be the most compatible for exporting pdf diagrams (especially vector) into other apps. Newer versions of our software support a wide variety of high resolution bmp and vector file formats. Windows 10 Print to PDF driver is recommended for saving/exporting plots to other drawing/editing apps

Updating Programs
Periodically, programs are updated to fix bugs or add or change features. Free updates can be obtained via the internet using the updater programs builtin to the applications. Latest versions can always be downloaded from the support page at https://www.geologynet.com/download.htm

Invalid Password or Download Error
When updating the program using the builtin updater, the updater reports an invalid password while trying to login to the server. This usually occurs if the passwords have been reset on the server by the administrator. This can happen due to routine server maintenance. To fix, a new password must be requested from support. If the setup package cannot be downloaded, possibly the firewall settings need to be changed. Set Winrock.exe to Allow Exception in your firewall settings and try to download again.

English Grammar etc.
There is a mixture of UK English and US English used in documents on this website. It just so happens material was written for both the US and Australian/UK markets. Also, many documents were scanned from hand written hardcopy, so the spelling and grammar in these documents may not be precise.