Winrock is now completely re-written with Visual Studio and Net Framework.  The good news, now Winrock is specifically targeted for all CPUs, both 32 and 64 bit.  The new version 8 is available now. 


WinRock is a petrology/geochemistry program for Windows. WinRock plots IUGS igneous classification diagrams, including QAPF diagrams, plus sandstone, general purpose XY, pie, log, and ternary diagrams. Each diagram contains separate labeled fields corresponding to individual rock types with data and rock names listed in separate tables. There are optional tick marks, labels, titles, fonts and fields, plus a choice of symbols and colors. Data can be marked and labeled using the drawing tools. There is a built in spreadsheet with multiple document interface and clipboard support.


  • Windows  XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Classify rocks graphically for all rockgroups
  • Classify rocks by calculation using modal mineralogy for felsic, mafic, ultramafic volcanic and plutonic rocks, and sandstones
  • Classify by calculation using whole rock chemistry and norms for felsic, mafic, ultramafic volcanic and plutonic rocks. Recalculates norms into modes (volume %) for classification.
  • Rock Classification Wizard builtin
  • Calculate TAS classification
  • Calculate and classify thousands of rocks in one pass
  • Classification diagrams with legends
  • Classification tables for all rockgroups
  • IUGS CIPW and Classic (incl. molecular norm) calculations plus alkali and carbonatite norm calculation.
  • Calculates wt%, mole% and volume% norms.
  • Petrological indices incl. Total Alkali, Total Fe, Mg Ratio, Felsic Index, Mafic Index, Solid. Index, Diff. Index, AMF, QML, Silica Grade
  • General purpose XY, XY-line, pie, bar charts, log-log, log-linear, ternary and diamond diagrams
  • All plot diagrams available in 3D view
  • Least squares curve fitting for XY data.
  • Plot compositional variation (e.g. Harker) diagrams
  • Plot Spider Diagrams, MORB, REE, ORG plus more
  • Plot multi element and whole rock geochemistry
  • Plot metamorphic ACF and A'KF indices
  • Petrographic report templates included for Excel
  • Choice of symbols, colors and fonts. Auto symbols. User definable labels
  • Output to clipboard, bmp, jpg, svg and pdf files and more
  • Spreadsheet with multiple document interface, numeric formatting, clipboard support, sorting, search/replace.
  • Statistics including minima, maxima, median, mean and standard deviation
  • Reads and writes tab delimited ascii files, comma (csv) and Excel files
  • Color and BW printing
  • User defined templates for XY and Ternary Plots
  • Optional fields, labels and tick marks
  • Drawing and text tools
  • Grain size, volume estimation, roundness reference charts
  • Age symbols, mapping symbols, age symbols, time scale reference charts
  • PDF help manual
  • Free internet updates builtin

Winrock spreadsheet

About WinRock

Data can be entered via the keyboard or imported from other applications. WinRock uses its own data file format and can also be setup to work with imported tab delimited ASCII XYZ data files with the Define Columns Command. Spreadsheet functions include calculating norms and classification schemes, format conversion, sorting, convert modal mineralogy to XYZ coordinates and clipboard support.

Before plotting data, graph options are set with the Set Diagram Options Command. A specific diagram type is selected from a list of classification diagrams and symbol descriptions can be entered for printing with the diagram. Selections can be made with a mouse or via the keyboard. Labels and graph titles can be plotted. Click on the Plot toolbar button to plot your data.

A standard classification diagram with rock type fields is displayed in the Plot Window. Each field is labeled and a list of rock names is displayed in a table. Small or large data sets can be classified and compared using symbols and colors and individual points can be identified by clicking on the point or using the Find option. Tick marks, labels and fields can be instantly added and removed.

The diagram can be printed, copied to the clipboard or exported using the menu system. 

QAP Diagram

Spider Plot

Example chart options

Classification Diagrams

  • Carbonatites - CaO/MgO/FeO+Fe2O3+MnO carbonatites. IUGS
  • Charnockites - Quartz/Alkali Feldspar/Plagioclase charnockites. IUGS
  • Granites - An/Ab/Or. Barker, 1979
  • Melilite Plutonic - Melilite/Olivene/Clinopyroxene melilite plutonic rocks. IUGS
  • Melilite Volcanic - Melilite/Olivene/Clinopyroxene melilite volcanic rocks. IUGS
  • Mafic PlagPxOl - Plagioclase/Pyroxene/Olivene mafic rocks. IUGS
  • Mafic PlagOpxCPx - Plagioclase/Orthopyroxene/Clinopyroxene mafic rocks. IUGS
  • Mafic Plag/Px/Hbl - Plagioclase/Pyroxene/Hornblende mafic rocks. IUGS
  • Plutonic QAPF - Quartz/Alkali Feldspar/Plagioclase/Foids plutonic rocks. IUGS
  • Plutonic QAP - Quartz/Alkali Feldspar/Plagioclase plutonic rocks. IUGS
  • Plutonic FAP - Foid/Alkali Feldspar/Plagioclase plutonic rocks. IUGS
  • Plutonic TAS - K2O+Na2O vs SiO2 chemical classification for plutonic rocks. Middlemost, 1994
  • Ultramafic Ol/OPx/CPx - Olivene/Orthopyroxene/Clinopyroxene ultramafic rocks. IUGS
  • Ultramafic Ol/Px/Hbl - Olivene/Pyroxene/Hornblende ultramafic rocks. IUGS
  • Volcanic QAPF - Quartz/Alkali Feldspar/Plagioclase/Foids volcanic rocks. IUGS
  • Volcanic QAP - Quartz/Alkali Feldspar/Plagioclase volcanic rocks. IUGS
  • Volcanic FAP - Foids/Alkali Feldspar/Plagioclase volcanic rocks. IUGS
  • Volcanic TAS - K2O+Na2O vs SiO2 chemical classification for volcanic rocks. Le Bas, 1986
  • Volcanic TAS - K2O+Na2O vs SiO2 chemical classification for volcanic rocks. Middlemost, 1994
  • Volcanic - Fet+Ti/Al/Mg chemical classification for volcanic rocks. Jensen, 1976, Revised.
  • Volcanic - AFM chemical classification for volcanic rocks. Irvine and Baragar, 1979.
  • Volcanic - Zr/TiO2  vs SiO2. Winchester and Floyd, 1977
  • Volcanic - Nb/Y vs Zr/TiO2. Winchester and Floyd, 1977
  • General Sandstones - Quartz/Clay/Feldspar general sandstones - Selley, 1984.
  • General Sandstones - Quartz//Feldspar/Rock Fragments sandstones -Pettijohn, 1975.
  • Sandstones Arenites - Quartz/Feldspar/Rock Fragments for sandstones - Pettijohn, 1975.
  • Sandstones Wackes - Quartz/Feldspar/Rock Fragments for sandstones - Pettijohn, 1975.

Tectonic Classification

  • Pearce and Cann, 1973 - Zr vs Ti, Basalts
  • Pearce and Cann, 1973 - Ti/Zr/Y, Basalts
  • Pearce et al., 1977 - FeOt/MgO/Al2O3, Basalts
  • Meschede, 1986 – Nb/Zr/Y, Basalts
  • Mullen, 1983 - TiO2/MnO/P2O5, Basalts
  • Batchelor and Bowden, 1985 - R1 vs R2, Granites
  • Harris et al, 1986 – Rb/10,Hf,Ta*3, Granites
  • Pearce et al, 1984 - Y+Nb vs Rb, Granites
  • Pearce et al, 1984 - Y vs Nb, Granites
  • Pearce et al, 1984 - Ta+Yb vs Rb, Granites 
  • Pearce et al, 1984 - Yb vs Ta, Granites

Spider Plot Norms

  • MORB, Pearce, 1983
  • MORB, Pearce, 1996
  • EMORB, Sun and McDonough, 1989
  • NMORB, Sun and McDonough, 1989
  • REE Chondrite, Boynton, 1984
  • REE Chondrite, Nakamura, 1974
  • REE Primitive Mantle, McDonough and Sun, 1995
  • Chondrites, Thompson, 1982
  • Chondrites, Sun et al, 1980
  • PGE Chondrite, Jochum, 1996
  • PGE Primitive Mantle, McDonough and Sun, 1995
  • HSE Chondrite, Jochum, 1996
  • HSE Primitive Mantle, Becker, 2006
  • Primitive Mantle, Sun and McDonough, 1989
  • Primitive Mantle, McDonough and Sun, 1995
  • Primordial Mantle, Wood et al, 1979
  • OIB, Sun and McDonough, 1989
  • Lower Crust, Weaver and Tarney, 1984
  • Average Crust, Weaver and Tarney, 1984
  • Upper Crust, Taylor and McLennan, 1985
  • Upper Continental Crust, Taylor and McLennan, 1995
  • Bulk Continental Crust, Taylor and McLennan, 1995
  • Lower Continental Crust, Taylor and McLennan, 1995
  • ORG, Pearce et al., 1984
  • User Defined File Norm

Classification Tables

  • Conglomerates
  • Dynamometamorphic
  • Epiclastic
  • Lamprophyres
  • Limestones
  • Meteorites
  • Mudstones
  • Phosphorites
  • Pyroclastics
  • Ultramafics

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