XRF Analysis, Gold Assaying, Gem, Mineral, Chemical Testing




Gold purity testing for gold items by XRF. Gold jewellery, grains, nuggets and bar can be assayed for compositions from 1% to 99.99%. A report is provided, giving elemental composition in percent, for example:

Au: 97.82%
Ag: 1.14%
Cu: 1.04%
Certificate provided for precious metals
I will also report the Karat purity; for example, 9K, 14K, 18K, 24Ks metals

Metal analysis, all kinds of metals
Mineral and ore testing, all kinds of minerals and ores for elements from Na to U on the periodic table. For minerals, a 2mm grain or larger is sufficient. Best size 3cm to 10cm. For the light elements, from Li to K, I use LIBS. LIBS is a qualitative method. XRF is quantitative or semi-quantitative, depending on the type of sample. Detection limits vary considerably, depending on the sample, from 0.001% to 1%. This price is for a basic report showing element percentage. A XRF or LIBS spectral plot showing peaks and a sample photo can be provided for $10 extra. Light elements from Na to K require Helium and cost $10 extra.
Meteorite testing
Also testing of may other types of materials
Items can be dropped off at my home or sent by tracked mail. Drop off in Leopold 3224. Please provide return postage, if sending by mail.
If your sample is a large gold or metal sample, send some shavings obtained with a 3/16 inch drill.
If your item is unsuitable for XRF analysis we will refund the charge for analysis.

Gemstone ID Certification by Raman Spectroscopy
Raman is an excellent non-destructive method for scientifically proving the ID of Gemstones from simulants and fakes. Ideally suited to Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, Pearls and other precious gemstones. Tested while in setting, without any modification etc. Certificate supplied.
Also verification testing of organic compounds, chemicals and plastics.
Minimum Sample Size: 1mm