GDX8000 Gold Detector


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Among goldseekers metal detectors, this is one of the best models. GDx 8000 sets a high standard for gold detection technology. Using multi cycle sensing (MPS), dual voltage technology (DVT) and intelligent electronic timing calibration (seta), the high-performance GDx 8000 can find more gold than other brands of detectors. From yak nuggets to elusive “retirement Nuggets” and everything in between, you can find it with GDx 8000.

A variety of preset search modes: let you easily open and detect. In addition to general and deep search, there are salt, sens extra and sharp. All search modes can be modified to your favorite settings.
Increased receive gain: tuning allows you to control sensitivity more precisely for optimal performance.
Automatic ground balancing: this option allows you to easily adjust the detector to suit all ground conditions. For example(fixed, tracking, tracking speed, ground balance type, fast tracking button).
Audio tuning: the target signal that maximizes your personal hearing, for example (threshold, tone, audio type, signal peak,
response, target volume, volume limit, stabilizer).
Improved Discrimination: Detecting in high-trash areas such as old mining sites or campground just got a whole lot easier. The “Iron Reject” function will allow you to set the desired level of discrimination from “cautious” to “aggressive.” Detect in areas that would have been previously passed over due to the quantity of ferrous junk and find the treasure beneath!
Motion control: adjustable to match your scanning speed and optimize target response.
Tuning (noise cancellation): automatic and manual options to minimize electrical interference.
Backlight: allows you to read the LCD menu in any light, allowing you to detect day or night. The backlight also has adjustable intensity to help maintain battery power.
MPS: MPS can transmit pulses with different time periods. The received signal is also sampled for a plurality of time periods to separate the target signal from the ground signal. This effectively eliminates ground signals from the most mineralized ground while still being sensitive to small and deep gold. This achieves excellent depth in highly mineralized ground.
Built in wireless module lithium ion battery: long life, can be connected to wired headset or Bluetooth speaker!

Application: gold exploration and deep relics.
Technology: MPS, DVT and SETA.
Frequency / transmission: dual level, advanced pulse sensing.
Coil (standard): 11 inch round double D plus 15 x 12 inch single ring.
Audio output: 6.35 mm (1 / 4 inch) headset / Bluetooth speaker.
Headphones available: 1 / 4 inch wired headphones.
Visual display:64 x 128 pixels, half transparent and half reflective, with white backlit display.
Detection mode:Conventional, deep, high mineral, saline alkali land, high garbage and precise positioning.
Iron reject: range 1 to 10 and off (all metal).
Audio: variable control 1 to 100.
Audio type: quiet, normal, deep and enhanced.
Ground balance: automatic ground balance, fixation and tracking: slow, medium and fast. Quick – Trak button.
Ground balance type: general, specific and ground balance off.
Sensitivity adjustment: RX gain 1 to 20.
Tuning / noise reduction: automatic and manual 0 to 255.
Threshold: adjustable steering control.
Target volume adjustment: Target Volume 1 to 20. Volume limit 1 to 20.
Battery: lithium ion rechargeable battery 68wh, with wireless module and 1 / 4 inch headphone jack for loudspeaker. About. Use for 12 hours. Provide power supply and on-board charger.
Length: 125cm-140cm.
Weight: 6.83kg.
Large range of coils available

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